Thursday, June 21, 2012

Long Time No See!

So... I've been neglectful - please forgive me! I miss being around, so you deserve a little something in the meantime... So I'm going to post some pictures of looks I've done recently <3 I have three blog posts I should be getting up shortly, if I can find the time. I make them so link/info heavy, it really takes me forever to write them up =(

Anyway, I'm no professional... and some looks DEFINITELY come out better than others... but here's some of what I've been up to :)

 this was using Mary Kay
 This was using Mary Kay
 This was using Unique Pigments, Moi, and Virus Insanity
 This was using Carina Dolci, Tainted Glam, NYX, Virus Insanity, Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, and Mary Kay
 I don't remember what this look was... but a very sleepy princess woke up as I was taking pictures. She didn't like the camera.... haha <3
 This was done using all Virus Insanity
 This was done using all Virus Insanity - I was going to enter it in a Pixar contest (inspired by Boo hanging on "Kitty"s back in the locker room) but I forgot to make a sign. owell.
 Cam phone pic. This was done using all Virus Insanity
I just did this a couple nights ago. Eyes and lips are Virus Insanity

So.... anywho, nothing super fancy. Don't know if I've ever posted this before, but i REALLY, TRULY, DESPERATELY want to go to school and become a make up artist. Not for fantasy stuff... just regular beauty makeup - weddings, dances, tv, makeovers... that kind of thing. Everyday, WEARABLE looks. Some day.... Until later...

~ Painted Nymph

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