Sunday, May 6, 2012

Virus Insanity: Seven Deadly Sins

Soooooo.... Virus Insanity created a "Seven Deadly Sins" Collection and I bought it as soon as I could afford it! Its a gorgeous collection of 7 duochromes. The names are in latin, but she translated them on her FB page:

Superbia = Pride
Luxuria = Lust
Ira = Wrath
Gula = Gluttony
Invidia = Envy
Avarice = Greed
Acedia = Sloth

So it's not like every other collection, and the colors are just so pretty! Would you like to see them? huh? huh? huh??? :)

 Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia, Avarice, Acedia
Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia, Avarice, Acedia

These are all duochromes. Here is how Virus Insanity describes the colors:
Superbia: Duochrome color. Pinkish purple with iridescence that shifts from red to copper to gold.
Luxuria: Duochrome color. Deep blue with iridescence that shifts from reddish gold to bronze.
Ira: Duochrome color. Brick red that shifts from a pinkish red to coppery red, to golden red.
Gula: Duochrome color. Golden orange with iridescence that shifts from green to rose.
Invidia: Duochrome color. Deep green with iridescence that shifts from lilac to red to silver to greenish blue.
Avarice: Duochrome color. Yellowy green with gray tones. Iridescence shifts from blue to golden green to silvery green.
Acedia: Duochrome color. Very light blue with iridescence that shifts from silvery green, to blue, to golden green.

I did swatches and took several pictures in an attempt to capture some of the color shifts (which are really, truly, incredibly difficult to photograph!) The top is over Crazy Primer, the middle is swatched on bare skin, and the bottom is foiled.

 Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia, Avarice, Acedia
 Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia, Avarice, Acedia
Superbia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia, Avarice, Acedia

I don't really know what else to say about these colors, except that the more duochromes Virus Insanity makes, the better they seem to be getting!! I do think Ira is one of my new favorite colors - it's like the red I've been searching for!!! Not a very strong, bold color shift - but I'm totally okay with that because it is a beautiful deep red color that doesn't look muddy. Superbia is similar to Be Mine, but Be Mine has more blue shifts; also similar to I Love You, but I Love you has a more muted, mauvey base and Superbia is a very true medium purple base with very warm shifts. Luxuria is similar to XOXO, but XOXO is a lighter blue with cooler shifts and Luxuria is borderline indigo-blue with warmer shifts. Gula is darker than Childish, which is almost more of a peach base, and Gula is more orange; also not as gold as Pinch MeInvidia just doesn't even compare to any other colors she currently has, it's such a beautiful, rich deep green. Avarice is a cooler light green than Ireland, which has warmer shifts, as well, and not quite as bright as Zombie Bitch (from the 2011 Halloween Collection). Acedia is a lighter, almost icy-blue in comparison with Foolish, which is more of a turquoise, and has much cooler shifts than Trickster, which has very, very (strong) warm shifts, and much paler than Bill (from the True Blood Collection).

 used Gula, Avarice, and Invidia over Crazy Primer (I had a small amount if Ira on my lower lash line that I didn't realize wasn't removed completely until after I had taken these pictures - sorry!!!)
sorry I was a lazy bum and didn't do my eyebrows... but these colors were SO easy to blend!

Overall, a beautiful collection. Unique colors with unique names. I'm happy I got them! What do you think? Have you purchased the collection yet? Do you plan to? Don't forget to check out the new Virus Insanity Website - it's a work in progress for now (still adding colors), but there are a lot of items on there!

Also, the comparison of each individual color with other colors VIE has made - do you like that? yes or no. I'd really love some feedback!!! Leave a comment or let me know on my facebook page. Thank you!

~ Painted Nymph

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