Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I love VIE

Okay, so... if you've seen my mineral pigments collection, you'll see most of my pigments are from VIE, or Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. It was founded by a gorgeous girl named Jenni (you can find her in most of the promotional pictures and she is behind the eye in all of the photos on the VIE website). I really love this company for a few reasons, and I wanted to share why...

this is an old picture - my collection has since grown!

• VIE is one of the first indie makeup companies I found, and the first one I made a purchase from
• VIE has never shied away from sharing what ingredients are in their products and whether they are vegan or not (when asked).
• VIE knows the FDA laws and regulations, and follows them for her cosmetic products.
• VIE is always straight-forward about her processing/TAT (turn-around time) and it is usually 3-10 business days - as with any other business, this does not include weekends or federal holidays.
• VIE offers accurate product descriptions for all their products, and every color/product is clearly marked
• VIE offers long-standing "deals" or sales, as well as fairly regular specials, and free shipping happens pretty often.
• VIE does not produce drama or bring private issues to their business page - business is business, and it stays that way.
• VIE takes every precaution to protect their customers (gloves, masks, etc, and even stopped production when sick)
• VIE offers outstanding customer service, and they're very helpful and personal in their service!

All of these things are OUTSTANDING things to look for in a company, in my eyes. Honest, reputable, kind, drama-free, good customer service.... There are a lot of companies out there with these qualities! But VIE was my first, and has a HUGE selection of colors that offer great color payoff and long-lasting brightness.

Why am I sharing this? Because VIE is looking for promoters with a high fan base (I certainly don't qualify - 9 followers on this blog and less than 200 fans on my facebook page. But I'm hoping someone will see this that qualifies and look into it! I love trying new companies, but I will always stand behind my first love <3

If you haven't already, please check out Virus Insanity and consider making a purchase - you won't regret it!

~ Painted Nymph

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.