Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RockABetty Beauty Samples

So, I ordered the RockABetty Beauty "newbie" kits she posted the other day... it was only $0.20! Plus $2.50 shipping, so it was a steal! It got to me pretty quickly. I lost the candy that came in it the moment I opened it (I have two small children...) but here is what I got for only $0.20!

I got samples of Chainsaw Massacre, Death Becomes Her, and Cemetery Road "Lid Luster" eyeshadows, and Death and Lust lipgloss along with two SUPER cute stickers and a double-sided mini brush!!! (and candy that was stolen by little fingers lol)

Here's my swatches (primer, bare skin, foiled):
 top to bottom: Chainsaw Massacre, Death Becomes Her, Cemetery Road
 top to bottom: Chainsaw Massacre, Death Becomes Her, Cemetery Road
left to right: Cemetery Road, Death Becomes Her, Chainsaw Massacre

These colors were really pretty and pigmented and went on very smoothly and the colors were just absolutely STUNNING foiled - especially Cemetery Road. Chainsaw Massacre is described as a metallic silver loaded with blood red glitter. Death Becomes Her is described as a shimmering black-based purple shade that color shifts from pink to purple to blue to black Cemetery Road is described as a medium brown with a color-shifting green/blue base with a ton of gold and green sparkles. I think the descriptions are completely accurate and the color-shifting colors are exceptionally visible in Cemetery Road, particularly when it is foiled (I was completely captivated by it!)

I used Chainsaw Massacre and Death Becomes Her for a simple look

I used Chainsaw Massacre on my lid and Death Becomes Her in my crease, outer V, and lower lash line and it blended beautifully and everything stayed in place amazingly well. (I know it's hard to see in the pictures, it was more obvious in person, though.)

Death and Lust is described as a clear, sticky lip gloss loaded with carnation pink, rose, and deep red glitter.  My first impression was that there were two different size glitters, but it is definitely LOADED with glitter. I put it on with my finger, but I think next time I'll use a lip brush; it was hard to evenly distribute the glitter. It was the slightest bit gritty, but the gloss itself wasn't overly sticky and didn't feel drying. It actually stayed moderately moist for longer than I expected.

Overall, I was really happy with my experience! The etsy shop is easy to navigate, the owner is a sweetheart, and the products are gorgeous. I look forward to making another (larger) purchase! Do you own any RABB? What's your favorite product?

~ Painted Nymph