Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Femme Deceit Cosmetics Swatches

I know, I've been way slow at writing... I need to get better! Anyway, I made this order April 4 and I received it April 14, which is pretty quick turn around for an indie company, in my book!

So, Femme Deceit Cosmetics was having a cute sale with $3 pigments in fun little Easter eggs! So, I decided to check it out. I got on their website and I was initially a little lost, to be honest. I found it rather confusing (but I'm not so very techno-savvy, so I may be the only one). However, once I found where I needed to be, you can NOT miss the info about adding shipping to your cart, which I found a little bit strange... It's the only shop I've ever seen that you have to add the shipping to your cart, as an item. You also have an option to add Confirmation/Tracking for $2.00, which I prefer, but did not add b/c I know that sellers can add Confirmation for free through Paypal. [[I should add, a tracking number WAS added to my order when it shipped, even though I didn't choose it]] So I added the shipping to my cart, and then proceeded to the Easter Egg Hunting pigments, and saw that there were no color descriptions offered under the sale, so I toggled back to my open window of the FDC facebook page to see if there were any color descriptions offered there, but alas... there were not... So I started browsing around on their website, but still no color descriptions - just small pictures of pigment. So I took some wild guesses and chose 3 pigments.

My package arrived safe and sound in a small flat rate box

...and smothered in glitter. lol There was also a cute cellophane bag inside the tissue paper that the eggs and card were packed in, and glitter sprinkled in there, as well. It was adorable, but it made a bit of a mess... However, the eggs were ADORABLE and I was actually pretty elated that  I -actually- got cute eggs in my order! My kids stole them from me... but they were awesomely fun while I had them!!!!

Somehow, the glitter (it is craft glitter) ended up all the way inside one of my pigment lids, inside the egg (luckily the sifters are sealed!)

 Not sure if you can see it in the picture... But I was able to get all the glitter out with a pair of tweezers.

I ordered Jaded, Goldilocks, and Team Edward
       Jaded,                   Goldilocks,               Team Edward
     Jaded,                     Goldilocks,                   Team Edward

Jaded is the only pigment that included ingredients. And the labels on the lids are actually INSIDE the lids, not outside; very different.

Here are my swatches... On the left is over primer, middle is bare skin, on the right is foiled. Top to bottom is Team Edward, Goldilocks, Jaded.

These colors were smooth, and went on easily. They are very pigmented; even on dry skin the color came out great. Since there were no color descriptions from the company, I'll do my best to describe them... Jaded applied as a satiny emerald green with some shimmer, and when foiled had a metallic effect. Goldilocks was a very metallic yellowy gold color that had intense color when foiled. Team Edward was a metallic red that looked more like a deep rosy-red when foiled. All were strong, and none left a stain on my hand (I left the swatches on my hand for approx 2 hours), not even Team Edward where it was foiled. These colors went on silky smooth and had beautiful color pay off.

They also blended BEAUTIFULLY and were very easy to apply. I didn't have to pack the color on for payoff, not even the yellow color. I did this with Goldilocks and Jaded.

So, overall, I was not very impressed after my initial ordering experience and the glitter was a little too much for me (while it was cute, I had to stop everything I was doing after I opened the package to vacuum my carpet), the products were awesome. I would definitely order some more. there are a couple gorgeous stackers on Femme Deceit Cosmetics' website (including a Pocahontas stacker I've got my eye on!). Do you own any Femme Deceit Cosmetics? What is your favorite product?

~ Painted Nymph

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and I have not been compensated in any way. These products were purchased by me with my own money.