Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moi Mineral Cosmetics Swatches

I recently made a purchase from Moi Mineral Cosmetics with some samples of their eyeshadows and it was so hard to choose which colors I wanted! The company is based out of Canada, so I did have to pay a little extra since I live in the US, but it wasn't much and my order was still incredibly affordable. Their samples came in small jars with no sifter (I'm not a fan of baggies...) which I loved! They shipped fairly quickly, and my package came faster than expected!

According to Moi Minerals' website, this is their mineral eye shadow ingredients:

Mineral shadows -->Mica, titanium dioxide,zinc oxide May contain:Iron oxide,tin oxide,ultramarines,ferricFerrocyanide.calcium aluminum borosilicate,Dimethicone,Tin Dioxide ,copper powder,
silicone Dioxide,carmine->(always will be stated in description of product) blue#1&yellow#5,Hidrogenated Polybutene ,Palmitic acid

 How my jars arrived to avoid any spillage
 the sample jars I chose
 the sample of glitter I purchased, the 5 sample jars I purchased, and a free sample (there is an option for 1 free sample on their website)
 left side swatched over VIE's Crazy Primer, middle swatched over bare skin, right side swatched over Carina Dolci's Starry Eyes Serum
Spank Me, Drifter, Chrome Blue, 18k Gold, Psycho, Pluto, Midnight Las Vegas

I should mention, I didn't put enough of the Crazy Primer on my hand, so when I swatched the glitter, there was no primer up there for it to stick to =/ sorry! Anyway, they applied pretty smooth. Spank Me is a metallic, silvery medium blue; Drifter is a muted seafoam green; Chrome Blue is a pretty true blue with a metallic finish; 18k Gold is a yellow-gold with gold glitter in it; psycho is a beautiful bright pink with blue tones; Pluto is a deep purpley-black color with a mild blue shift in it; Midnight in Las Vegas is just a myriad of darks colors, so pretty!

I haven't done a look with these colors alone yet, but I look forward to it. I also REALLY want to get some of their lipglosses! If you decide to order, be sure to check out their facebook as well!

So have you ever purchased from Moi Minerals? Do you own any of their eyeshadows or lippies? What's your favorite product from them? Or what do you want from them? Please share your opinions!

~Painted Nymph

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and I have not been compensated in any way.