Saturday, October 27, 2012

Candy Corn Eye

I have been really struggling to get in the Halloween mood and decided to do a candy corn inspired look! My eyebrows are a hot mess, they've totally lost their shape and I think I need professional help (seriously!) so please pretend like you can't see them! But we all love Candy Corn in the fall....

Seriously, I haven't met a person yet who doesn't enjoy them! My husband has been eating them like crazy (and thinks I haven't noticed!) and my kids ask for some every day! So why not take this iconic candy and make an eye look with it?? I'm definitely not very good with fantasy looks - I much prefer colorful, but wearable looks. So that is what I did (although it was odd for me to not blend like I normally try to... I didn't want to make it look less like it's inspiration)

It's late, I feel like I'm rambling.... so I'm going to photo bomb you!!!! I used Virus Insanity eyeshadows and gloss, including Crazy Primer on my eyes.

 forgot to take a pic of it... but I used Midnight Hour under this eye

So which do you prefer? The yellow lash line with white water line? Or the smokey lower lash? I want to know what you prefer!

I also did my lips, but the close-ups turned out absolutely horrible and I didn't want to share :/ But I used Splat with Orange Julius patted into the outer edge and Speed Up patted into the center. I like the way it looks, and so does the Mister.... but only one picture came out that I'm not too ashamed to share!

So what do you think? Is candy corn the way to go? Have you ever used a candy as an inspiration for your makeup? What kind of candy did YOU seek inspiration from?

~ Painted Nymph