Saturday, October 20, 2012

VIE Duochrome Halloween Collection

This post was a long time coming! I've had this collection for about a year now (bought it last Halloween) and have been meaning to write this up! I've been sooo busy, my makeup boxes have been collecting dust *cue tears* but I am so happy I finally got pictures!

I love Virus Insanity (VIE) and all of their colors, but mostly their DUOCHROMES! These colors are so gorgeous, I could hardly capture their beauty and depth with my camera. This post is very picture-happy, so you've been warned! And I apologize, with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the Mister, I don't get time to do this until after dark, so no natural sunlight pics =(

Okay, so the Duochrome Halloween Collection is actually four duochromes and one regular (glitter-bombed) shadow.  I took pictures from 2 angles to pick up a little bit of the color shifts (all pictures taken indoors with flash)

Love Zombie, Witchy, Scaredy Cat, Haunting, Midnight Hour

So pretty! Here is how VIE describes the colors on their website:
Love Zombie - a bright, yellowy lime green with black glitter and shifts from a warm, orangey/coppery green to a cool silvery and lilac colored green
Witchy - a light purple with duochrome iridescence that shifts from a light golden green to a medium green to a rose color
Scaredy Cat - a bright salmon pinky orange that shifts from an orange color to a salmon color with greenish iridescence showing through
Haunting - a deep blackened brown that shifts from a brown to a reddish purple to a coppery gold color and contains orange glitter
Midnight Hour - a regular eyeshadow color, a deep black with dark purple, orange, and lime green glitter

Here is my descriptions of the colors...
Love Zombie - a bright lime green with very mild shifts to golden/coppery colors and loaded with dark black glitter
Witchy - silvery lavender color with very strong shifts to a lime-green-esque color and a rosy color and a deeper bluey purple
Scaredy Cat - a bright orangey coral color with mild shifts to a golden color, almost green, and more rosey color.
Haunting - a complex color that looks like a darkened purple-brown with an intense rose-red shift with a slight coppery shift and loaded with glitter that appears red and a mild blue-y shift
Midnight Hour - a "very black" matte black reg shadow glitter-bombed with purple, orange, and lime green glitters

Here's some swatches, different angles and primers in an attempt to photograph some of the shifts!

The Crazy Primer is sold by VIE.  As you can tell from the pictures, Witchy and Haunting have the strongest shifts, and Midnight Hour is not as opaque without a primer. Scaredy Cat is absolutely my favorite color, and I use it a lot. It looks pretty on my skin tone, and blends BEAUTIFULLY with other regular and duochrome colors. I definitely recommend a primer under any colors with glitter or you will find a lot of glittery fallout from them. I personally prefer to use Haunting foiled as a liner, as it is very dark but adds a pretty dimension to my look, especially a simpler look, without much effort.

As always, I attempted to come up with a look highlighting the colors from the collection... Not my favorite look, but lots of pictures to help capture some of the CRAZY shifts in some of these colors!

I used Simple Highlight on my brow bone, Scaredy Cat on the inner lid, Witchy blended into the outer lid, Love Zombie on the lower lashline and waterline, and Haunting (foiled) as the top liner. I did not use Midnight Hour in this look.

Please forgive my unruly eyebrow. They've been neglected.... Hopefully you caught some of the shifts in the colors! Have you purchased the Duochrome Halloween Collection? Do you plan to??

Please share your thoughts on the collection or my post (what you like, what you don't... help me grow and learn!)

~ The Painted Nymph

Disclaimer: These products were purchased with my own money and these opinions are mine and mine alone, I was not endorsed for this post in any way.