Monday, July 23, 2012

Lemon-Lime VIE pictorial

So... I decided I wanted to give pictorials a whirl. I hate the sound of my own voice (lol) so I knew I'd never be good at making video tutorials (unless I stayed completely silent and dubbed in music behind it), and they sound like a lot of work! Sooo.... pictorials, it is! I don't have fancy brushes, and I'm not super skilled, but I'm learning and growing, and wanted to share some fun looks I love :) So here's a lemon-lime look I did using all Virus Insanity products!

So, I used Virus Insanity Crazy Primer, applied with a concealer brush (works better than my finger, and I feel like I'm less likely to waste it) to the entire lid, including tear duct and lower lash line.
Then I applied a sheer layer of Simple Highlight to my brow bone, blended down toward my crease, and to the corner of my eye, where my tear duct is with a fluffy angled brush (forget what it's really called).
Using a small rounded brush and the "tap" method, I applied Speed Up to the inner half of my lid.
Using the same brush and method, I applied Becca-ecca to the outer half of my lid.
I then blended Speed Up and Becca-ecca together and blended them up into Simple Highlight. I applied a small amount of lash glue to my lower lash line (b/c it holds glitters best) and used an angled brush to dab the Mystic Glitter onto the glue carefully.
I applied black liquid liner to my top lash line, black kohl pencil liner to my water line (you may not want to, as this makes the eye appear smaller, but I felt like it). Then carefully curl lashes and apply black mascara. Voila!
VIE is slowly adding ALL their products to their website (there are a TON) but you can browse what they have at -- and be on the lookout for regular sales!

It was my very first pictorial, what do you think? Any and all constructive criticism welcomed (how else will I grow?)

- Painted Nymph