Saturday, February 25, 2012

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

Okay, so I had a FAVORITE mascara, and I always bought it in blackest black, waterproof... but then I couldn't find the waterproof and got the regular version. Well... I didn't like it as much anymore. haha So I used it for about 6 mo, and it was starting to dry up, so I tossed it and got a new one. (yay!) but I went to the store with a friend and I saw this new mascara I had never seen before, and on the package it claimed Instant lash extensions. No flakes" and "Formula with 4mm Fiber Extensions" so I asked my friend, and she said she'd seen a commercial for it and gave me a little peer pressure. Boy am I glad!

 (sorry for the flash, I'm working on a better photo-op situation)

I decided to take a before and after of my eye when I did my make-up, so I could put the pictures side-by-side and compare, and see what it REALLY did.

    Left picture: no mascara | Right picture: with mascara

The directions on the package suggested 2-3 coats without allowing the formula to dry between, so that's what I did and it went on amazing. I didn't have any clumping or goop or tarantula eyes. It went on gorgeous and I feel it lived up to it's claims. I was a bit surprised I liked it as much as I did, as it uses a more traditional spoolie brush, and I usually favor the new rubber-y bristles most mascaras switched to. It is a fiber mascara, so if I'm not careful when I apply it, I can end up feeling like I have something in my eye, which is slightly less than pleasant... but overall, I'm in LOVE. I wore this ALL day, out to the store, chasing after kids, cooking, and no smearing, smudging, or flaking occurred. My lashes are finally almost as long as my husband's and I can be a little less jealous! haha Also, it does wash off relatively easily, which is nice as well.

I'm hoping to try out the Falsies and/or Falsies Flared when I have the chance. Have you tried Illegal Length yet? What did you think? If you haven't, does this make you want to give it a try? Give me some feedback!

-The Painted Nymph

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