Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to the Blogging World!

I'm starting this blog to post my experiences and opinions on Makeup and Beauty Products! I suppose I'll give you some information about myself so you know who you'll be reading about and growing with in this journey!

• I'm not a professional or certified MUA, although it is a dream of mine.
• I love Indie makeup companies
• I love COLOR
• I move more often than most people, and my skin has to deal with the ever-changing climates
• I am not afraid to try new things
• I often try and fail, then try again. No one gets it perfect on the first try!
• I love a good challenge!

Okay, so... Maybe thinking about things to say about myself is harder than I thought, but I am excited for some of you to follow this journey with me, get your input on some of the products I write about, and grow with me as a makeup lover! Until next time,

The Painted Nymph