Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crazy Primer vs Starry Eyes Serum

So.... I decided to do a small experiment and see which eyeshadow primer was "better" on my eyes. The two primers I have are Virus Insanity Eyeshadow (VIE)'s Crazy Primer and Carina Dolci Mineral Cosmetics' Starry Eyes Serum. I let my husband choose my colors (so you can thank him for the strange combination! lol) and then went to work with The Crazy Primer on my right eye and the Starry Eyes Serum on my left eye. The colors I used were Carina Dolci Mineral Cosmetics Creme Brulée, H.I.P. Matte Shadow Duo in Striking, VIE Fireworks, and VIE Navy Brat. So I used different brands, too.

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow's Crazy Primer description on their facebook:
The VIE Crazy Primer is made with moisturizing butters to help improve the condition of your eyelids while keeping your eyeshadow in place. Waxes help hold your eyeshadow (and glitter!) all day and night without creasing, while making your Virus Insanity Eyeshadow crazy bright! This primer is a cloudy white color, the pigmentation is really soft and translucent.

The VIE Crazy Primer comes in a 5 gram jar full to the brim!! It also has a black lid so you can tell it apart from your eyeshadows.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Candeilla Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Mineral Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Titanium Dioxide.

picture courtesy of VIE's facebook

The label has since changed for the Crazy Primer, but it is an all-white primer in a 5g jar and I find it best to apply in a thin layer. It can be purchased for $6.50 and the jar is packed to the very top! An excess of the primer tends to result in creasing for me, but the way my eyes are shaped, my eyeshadow seems to crease rather easily (more so than most of my friends). It is not greasy or slimy feeling, and makes my skin feel less dry (which is a big problem for me where I live) even after removing my makeup. I find it very easy to blend my shadows on the Crazy Primer. Usually the primer lasts all day, except when it's exceptionally hot (I live in the desert...), but then even waterproof mascara starts to melt on me... But I'll let the pictures do the talking:

There was minimal creasing, and the color sticks beautifully, glitter and all, to the Crazy Primer. I do sometimes touch the inner corner of my eyes, no matter how hard I try not to touch my eyes, and it did not make the colors all disappear. Even with an intense red, you could not see any of the color remaining after I removed my makeup.


Carina Dolci Mineral Cosmetics' Starry Eyes Serum description on their etsy shop is:

Whether you want your eyeshadows bright or blended for a more natural look, you WANT this primer! It helps keep your eyeshadows put ALL DAY!

Love Glitter, but not all over your face? So do we! 

Our Starry Eyes Serum has been tested all day and withstands rollercoasters, motorcycle riding, bonfires (nothing is worse than an oily face bleeding color), and micro glitter applied wet over primer (DOES NOT MOVE!)

Our Starry Eyes Serum comes in a 5.9mL lip gloss-like tube with a sponge wand applicator for easy use! You just need a very small amount to thinly coat your eyelids! We recommend you apply a small amount to the middle of your eyelid and rub in with your finger across your entire eyelid.

photo courtesy of Carina Dolci Cosmetics

The primer is a thin, clear liquid that you apply to the eyelids, then rub in across the eyelid where you plan to apply your eyeshadow. It can be purchased for $13. It beads in a curious way on my eyelid before I rub it it, but once rubbed in, it's completely impossible to tell it's there! I do find it a little more difficult to blend on. If I get the product too close to the inner corner of my eyes, I do find that it can be a tad uncomfortable, so I try to be especially careful not to get any of the serum in my eye... b/c it burns a bit.  However, I find absolute zero creasing or smudging.

I felt like I had to apply a lot more of the yellow for it to stand out (sorry the picture didn't come out as clear, this was the best of several attempts) You can see where I was having trouble with blending the red into the yellow on the corners of my eyes, tho. The red did seem to apply more intense, tho, and the purple didn't smudge at all, nor is there ANY creasing. It essentially looks exactly the same. However, upon removing my makeup, my skin had some minimal staining from the red pigments.

So overall, I find the Crazy Primer easier to work with, and very moisturizing/conditioning on the very gentle skin on my eyes, but the Starry Eyes Serum did a better job holding the colors in place with no creasing or smudging. I feel I get more bang for my buck from the Crazy Primer, but I think for exceptionally hot (or perhaps moist) situations, I'm going to need the Starry Eyes Serum, but I can't see myself wanting to use it every day since it feels drier on my eyelids and costs more. What do you think is a better buy? Do you think you'll be purchasing either of these?

-The Painted Nymph

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